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7 - 5 star ratings, REALLY?!?!

This ap is not worth the time it takes to download. You have ZERO control on output other than an overlay photo or color change. One review said they are not advertising it to be Photoshop. This program and Photoshop have NOTHING in common. Looks like a high school programing project. If you are looking for a very easy to use program to change the look of your photo with you have little to no control over final output, this ap is for you.

Made in China!

Junk app. Add a 50% overlay to your picture, wow. Only thing this is good for is entertainment for your kids. I wouldn’t get it for any other reason.

sometimes it works, sometimes it does not

I have sent 3 emails to collegeshine web site with no answer. Problems: It works for a short time(say 10 minutes) then when you click save, it is saved as a blank picture. So it then won't work. Then the next day it will work but then stop. Always like this. Second problem, one of the glass choices never works. I have heard nothing from them regarding this.

Do NOT… Waste Your Money

Very weak, shockingly few options and features for an Ap you have to pay for.


I down loaded Amazing Effects this morning, not expecting much from it, but I spent most of the morning playing with it. It is fun and gives a whole new look to my photographs. I would recommend it to anyone who loves his/her photography. It is not a major professional application, by any means, but it does what it is supposed to do, and I have enjoyed it immensely.

I don't get the negatives, great app, lots of fun

Lots of fun with great effects, easy to use! Thanks I love it. I don't get the negatives it's not advertising it's like Photoshop and there is so much that you can do with it. It's good.

Look closely, then move on

The application could be improved with a little GUI work. See the 3x3 panel shot above? Now notice the radio buttons below it? That's to get to another 3x3 panel. This is cumbersome when one wants to examine the different effects. See those catgories down the side? They are to select a different panel with, yes, more 3x3 choices. You don't get to mix'n'match, you can't set the opacity, you can't change the mixing mode, you can't move your image or the templates -- that pull it out of what one might consider a professional application. The majority of the effects are just another photograph overlaid with your own image. You're not looking at the effects you can make above, you're looking at the stock images provided with the app. As such, your special effects will look like everyone else that uses this application. Worse yet, you can't add use your own. All that said, you might stumble on to two or three "filters" that you could use, but I suspect grabbing a free stock image from DeviantArt and performing an Overlay with Pixelmator will get you pretty much the same thing. :sigh:

What on earth are people talking about?!

I don't know what are people talking about. This app is great! I can modify anything I want to almost any effect! Just one thing: it would be cool if you could manage manually the effects. For example: you choose where will the rainbow be, what size will it be, etc. With anything: same thing goes to the fog effect and the gray effect and to ANY effect. On the other hand it's awesome!

super fun....dont listen to the negative people

If your looking to have fun with your photos this is a perfect app for you. Its so simple its crazy. The effects show what your photo will look like before you click on the effect. You can't go wrong and its free for a week so you know its not some cheap photo effects app looking to rip you off.

simple and cool

simple and cool

very poor

thanks god it is free!

One star and free is too many stars, and too much money...

Horrible. 50% opacity on random image, slaped over some other image. Yeah, great effect.

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